About Autism Therapy Centre (ATC)

Autism Therapy Centre (A.T.C.),Bhubaneswar was founded in August ‘2008 with the efforts of a few parents of children affected by autism and has already completed three years of its existence. Initially it functioned for sometime in Sai International School and is presently running in Future Bhubaneswar School(F.B.S.)under the aegis of MANAGE AUTISM NOW (MAN) Trust. Since June’ 2010 .The Trust has five Trustees including the Chairman who is the creator of the Trust and incidentally happens to be a parent of a child affected by autism.

A.T.C. aims at tackling the problem of autism through multi pronged approach. Our intervention covers Behavioural Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Skills training Therapy, yoga and meditation Therapy, Ayurvedic Massage Therapy, Sensory Integration(S.I)Therapy, Learning through Computer and alternative mode to develop Communication Skills etc. The Centre also provides referral service to parents/families and Professionals who work with them. The aim of the organization is to bring about improvement in the lives of all affected by autism with the support of the Parents Association of the A.T.C. under the control and guidance of MAN Trust . The MAN Trust is trying to do this by increasing public awareness about the day to day issues faced by the children on the spectrum and by providing the latest information regarding the treatment and management.

The centre has now 10(ten) Special kids on its roll but only 07 of them are attending regularly. Distance of the centre from the main city and the transport problem are the main cause for the low attendance. A large no. of Special kids are in the waiting for admission if facility of transport can be arranged. The total staff strength of the centre is 10(ten) comprising various therapist and assistants meant for heading different activities of the centre. We need to approach some more hands and acquire additional equipments and gadgets for strengthening our resources to improve the quality of therapy and help the special kids overcome their drawbacks effectively and quickly.

Activities of Autism Therapy Centre (ATC)

The therapy sessions are held 6 days a week. The duration of each day session is 4 hrs and 10 min i.e., from 3.00 P.M. – 7 : 10 P.M.

Arrival: It starts with arrival of kids which includes greeting , putting bags and foot wear in proper place.

Assembly : Then we have the assembly with includes a prayer , invocation to God and ends with the National Anthem . Then the kids have the calendar reading followed by attendance and physical exercises which continues for 15 min.

Individual session : Then they disperse for their individual activity where each kid will have his/ her individual class for 45 min which covers table top activities ,gross motor ( indoor as well as outdoor), fine motor skills , language and communication skills , self help skills, learning through computers etc. This is held on a rotational basis so that each kid gets a chance to cover all the areas of development during a week. This is taking care of child’s age, interest, ability, potential and above all his/her sensory needs.

Yoga: Then all the kids go for their yoga class which continues for an hour. Here the kids do the asanas and pranayam under supervision of the yoga teacher and assisted by other staff of the centre. Yoga session help the kids in getting the sensory diet required for their body.

Ayurvedic massage: All the kids get two sessions of Ayurvedic massage (each of 45 minutes duration) in a week.

Snack time: Then it is followed by snack time which is for 30 min. Here the children arrange the furniture for the snack time . The main aim of the snack time is to make children achieve some level of self help skills and to follow the sequence . So we focus on the rituals before snacks , rules to be followed while eating and winding up the snack time activities.

Self help skills training: Everyday kids have 20 min of group activity, where they learn the independent work skill. It mainly covers the ADL ( activity of daily living ) skills to make them independent and to develop waiting , turn taking and compliance.

Song / Story Time: Then all the kids have 10 min activity in which we have song time ( Monday – Thursday ) and story time on Friday.

Closing: Each day session ends with closing time for 10 min with a song ,chanting of ‘OM’ , narrating the activities they did on that day and the closing mantra.

Departure: Then its time for departure.

Time Table
Time Duration Activity
3:00 P.M .- 3:10 P.M. 10 min Arrival
3:10P.M. – 3:25 P.M. 15 min Assembly
3:30P.M. – 4:15 P.M. 45 min Individual session
4:15 P.M. – 6:15P.M. 60 min Yoga, Massage
6:15 P.M - 6:30 P.M 15 min Snack time
6:30 P.M – 6:50 P.M. 20 min Independent work skill
6:50 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. 10 min Song /Story time
7:00 P.M. – 7:10 P.M. 10 min Closing
7:10 P.M.   Departure